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Memberships Types

Membership is available through the Association for Behavior Analysis International portal. The current membership cycle runs from  9/1/22 – 8/31/23. 

Full Membership

Any individual holding a terminal degree in a discipline directly related to or involving behavior analysis and whose full-time professional commitment includes teaching, research, and/or practice in behavior analysis may apply for membership in this category. Full members may vote on membership decisions of the SIG.

Affiliate Membership

Any member of the Association of Behavior Analysis International, evidencing interest in the discipline of behavioral gerontology, but lacking training, publications, or clinical/applied practice therein, may apply for this class of membership.

Student Membership

Any individual pursuing formal training in the discipline of behavior analysis but not yet gainfully employed therein on at least a half-time basis may apply for this membership category. Such applications must be accompanied by documentation certifying the applicant’s student status.